Our surgical headlights can not only change your mind. They can change a life.

BFW, Inc.

Powerfully bright.

Unprecedented lamp life.

Ecologically clean.

The cutting edge of cutting edge.

BFW is a worldwide technological leader in surgical illumination and headlight video imaging equipment.

Our drive is to bring the global medical community the most advanced illumination technology possible. Every product we make is backed by a promise to offer unmatched quality, performance, comfort and service to our customers – from our newest portable LED headlight series to our surgical fiber optic applications to the most advanced headlight imaging technology – we are committed to lead the way.

In collaboration with Long Island Technology Group, our products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. This partnership is a joint quest for continuous innovation with a brand of un-matched excellence that fulfills the ever-changing requirements of a rapidly evolving and demanding profession.

We strive to be the “go-to” headlight and illumination company for every physician and surgeon across the globe.

Built with the idea in mind that you’ll never need another one. And if you did, it would be a BFW.

Where our precision ends,
yours begins.

BFW Distributors

BFW’s global distribution network makes it effortless to gain access to, trial and purchase all of our innovative products from well-established medical device professional in your region.

If we do not currently have someone in you area, call or email us and we will be delighted to get our products in your OR and on your head so you can see and feel the difference and experience just what BFW excellence is all about.

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Perfection is just our starting point.

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