Our surgical headlights can not only change your mind. They can change a life.

BFW, Inc.

Powerfully bright.

Unprecedented lamp life.

Ecologically clean.

The cutting edge of cutting edge.

There is good reason so many “Top-Ranked” hospitals use or are switching to BFW™ – We are the technological leader in medical and surgical headlight illumination and headlight video imaging equipment backed by customer service that is second-to-none.

With our innovative all LED product line up – from robustly built and very bright portables, to our high-intensity Hatteras™ fiber-optic LED system that is tested and approved for headlights and scopes – BFW™ products are always well thought out solutions to meet the needs of our customers – from the physicians and surgeons who use them, to nurses who prepare them, to biomedical engineers who maintain them.

In collaboration with the Long Island Technology Group, we design, engineer and manufacture our American-made products with a symbiotic vision of continuous innovation to meet the ever-changing requirements of a rapidly evolving and demanding profession.

Built with the idea in mind that you’ll never need another one. And if you did, it would be a BFW.

Where our precision ends,
yours begins.

BFW Distributors

BFW’s global distribution network makes it effortless to gain access to, trial and purchase all of our innovative products from well-established medical device professional in your region.

If we do not currently have someone in you area, call or email us and we will be delighted to get our products in your OR and on your head so you can see and feel the difference and experience just what BFW excellence is all about.

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