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Daymark Portable LED Meets High Praise

February 2nd, 2017

A vastly informative yet very critical on-line information website on medical lighting – – lauds the accomplishments of our newest product the Daymark™ High-Intensity LED Portable Headlight System. It feels good to hear when the critics say that we “Nailed it.”  Contact one of our distributors or BFW to trial Daymark™ or visit us at one of the upcoming congresses this spring to see if for yourself. Our sincere thanks to Medical Lighting News.

BFW Products – Designed and Manufactured in America

January 16th, 2017

All BFW products are proudly engineered, designed and built in the USA. Can our competitors say that?

Pharos HD

The Only True 1080p HD Coaxial Headlight Camera with 500GB of Internal Recording Capability

January 13th, 2017

Coming in early 2017, Pharos™ HD ULTRA with 500 GB internal true HD recording and integrated HD viewing monitor is the most advanced coaxial headlight imaging system today. The exclusive coaxial headlight/camera design provides the highest quality video and still image capture from the surgeon’s point of view – what the surgeon looks at is always in the picture frame without adjusting the camera during a case. Integrated into our AtoN™/Hatteras™ LED fiber optic system, Pharos™ HD ULTRA provides matchless 1080p/60HD imaging. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it comfortable, easy to use and unequalled in headlight imaging capture and broadcast.


  • 1080p/60 HD Output – Camera Chip CMOS Digital
    • 1920 x 1080 True HD
  • Depth of Focus – Adjustable 10-to-24” (25.4-to-61 cm)
  • Manual Focus/Zoom on Lens – 2.5X Magnification – No Resolution Loss
  • Digital Zoom –Up to 16X Magnification
  • Camera Control Unit
    • Internal 7” 1080p/60 Live Preview Monitor w/playback
    • 500GB Internal Hard Drive – H.264 Encoding, MPEG 4
    • Outputs
      • 2 SDI
      • 1 HDMI w/ Recorder Overlay
      • 1 HDMI without recorder overlay
      • 2 USB ports for external storage or image export
    • Push-Button Membrane Controls
      • Image Stabilization Setting
      • White Balance, Brightness, Sharpness and Zoom
      • Custom Locking Camera Input to Controller Box
    • 5” Diameter spot at 16” (40cm) working distance
    • Patient Information via USB Keyboard – Accessory
    • Foot Pedal for Image Capture – Accessory
    • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

The First True HD 1080p/60HD Coaxial Headlight Cam System Arrives Early 2017

December 16th, 2016

Pharos™ HD is the most advanced coaxial headlight imaging system today providing high-quality video and still image capability in full 1080p/60 HD. Its design combines professional-grade single-chip CMOS HD technology into our new AtoN™ fiber optic headlight and our innovative Hatteras™ LED light source system. Our exclusive coaxial design insures “surgeon’s point of view” images – what the surgeon looks at and sees is always in the picture frame – no adjustments are needed during a case. Pharos™ HD is compatible with most external HD recording devices and integrated operating room recording systems. Lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, Pharos™ HD is the unmatched documentation and teaching tool in the medical industry.

A ‘Comfortable’ High-Intensity LED Portable Is Here!

December 16th, 2016

Finally, a High-Intensity Portable LED That Feels Great on Your Head!

Our new Daymark™ high-intensity LED portable headlight system eliminates the weight and bulk seen in portable LED headlights of this class. With 5 levels of crisp, clean, daylight illumination up to 60,000 LUX lasting 5 hours from a single battery charge, its surgical quality optic is fully adjustable, providing a crisp 1-to-4-inch spot. Both LUX measurements and spot size measurements are true to a 16″ (40cm) working distance. Designed to perform under and withstand rigorous use, a retrofit kit transforms our AtoN™ fiber optic headlight into this outstanding portable system. Now you can be untethered to a light source, get fantastic illumination from a portable headlight that feels great to wear on your head!

Contact BFW or a distributor in your area to trial or order.

Sugar Ray Leonard Visits BFW Booth AT ACS Conference

November 7th, 2016

Former Welterweight and Middleweight World Champion Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard was the guest motivational speaker during Becker’s Ambulatory Surgery Exhibition in Chicago in October 2016. Sugar Ray noticed BFW’s products and stopped by to chat with President Lynn Cooper.

BFW Unveils Innovative Products at Final 2016 Meetings

October 14th, 2016

BFW™ will introduce two new headlight products during the North American Spine Society (NASS) in Boston, Oct 26-28, ASC/Ambulatory Surgery, Chicago, October 28-29 and Medica, Dusseldorf, Germany, November 14-17 (see Events page for booth locations). Pharos™ HD is the most advanced coaxial headlight imaging system today, providing video and still images from the surgeon’s point of view in true and brilliant 1080p/60 HD. Daymark™ is a portable LED headlight system eliminating the weight and bulk seen in headlights of this class, offering 5 levels of crisp, clean, daylight quality illumination up to 60,000 LUX from a single battery charge.

Some “Clarity” on LED Lamp Life

August 18th, 2016

Many competitors are promoting new LED light sources with marketing claims that they offer a 30,000-hour lamp life. Data on LED diodes commonly used in a surgical light source – as in our Hatteras™ LED – holds that these LED diodes are at “peak performance” for the first 10,000 hours of use, then begin to decay, but will last to 30,000 hours.

With this in mind, BFW™ promotes its LED diode to go “well beyond 10,000 hours,” as it is our opinion this “Peak Performance Period” will meet the expectations of medical professionals for both headlight and endoscopic use – as Hatteras™ LED is approved for use with headlights and endoscopes (IEC 60601-2-18) – So, after 10,000 hours or the LED’s “Peak Performance Period,”  it may be time to replace the diode, but replacement is at the choice of the end user.

Medical LED Portable Headlights – What to Look For!

June 1st, 2016

LED lights run the gamut of color temperatures ranging from 1,900K to 10,000K. But which is most appropriate for use as a medical visual aid that best assists the end-user in identifying tissue and seeing contours in conjunction with appropriate intensity?

Our research shows that most end-users prefer an LED headlight offering consistent illumination in the 7,000K – 7,500K (Cool White) range and this this is the color temperature all BFW™ LED portable headlights provide.

Light Quality vs. Intensity

The quality (clarity, crispness and color) of the spot – created through a combination of optic engineering, lens quality and meticulous LED chip selection, far exceed that of a very intense light with poor color, clarity and inadequate definition – BFW™ LED Portables are a combination of quality design and manufacturing that beats a very bright but cheaply constructed optic. It is also important to remember that our LUX measurements are taken at 16” from the eye to the field. Many competitive LED portable sellers are boasting inflated LUX numbers taken directly in front of the optic.

Quality = The Sum of its Parts

While some LED Portables may provide good light, manufacturers often neglect incorporating components robust enough to withstand the rigor of medical use – Leading a customer towards what looks like a “great headlight at a great price.” But as we all know – anything at a “great price” is not worth much if it doesn’t work. All BFW™ portable LED headlight systems are built with components designed for the daily rigor of medical use and approved to be used as a medical device. Many competitive LED portables simply are not!

Introducing AtoN™ An Innovation in Fiber Optic Headlights

May 26th, 2016

Designed and built to live up to its name – AtoN™ is a superior aid to surgical navigation by delivering cleaner, crisper illumination from an ergonomically advanced, lightweight, low profile high-intensity fiber optic headlight.  As AtoN™ impeccably compliments our new Hatteras™ LED and ChromaPRO™ light sources, it replaces the XtremeBEAM™ fiber optic headlight.

AtoN™ comes standard with our 10-foot Cobra Cable™ offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum coil positioned at the lower half of the cable where it is most likely to sustain damage from heavy use. AtoN™ is also available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables. These cables are interchangeable with the XtremeBEAM™AtoN™ is available with our Classic or Key West™  “Bikini” headbands.

Perfection is just our starting point.