Why are Surgeons Switching to BFW Headlights?

Poor surgical lighting impacts everything from patient outcomes to your hospital’s bottom line...

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A recent study in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies found that surgeons reposition their overhead lights every 7.5 minutes during a typical operation. Worse yet, this interrupts surgery 64% of the time.

Consider how this impacts your hospital.

On average, a standard 6-hour operation at your hospital would be interrupted a grand total of 32 TIMES -- just because of lighting.

How much productivity is lost? And more importantly, why do surgeons feel the need to spend so much time moving the lights?

Put plainly -- surgeons struggle to see what they’re doing. The most cited reasons for repositioning the lights (from the same study) are:

  • Weak illumination levels
  • Shadows
  • Poor deep wound visibility
  • Difficulty of focusing and aiming
  • Collisions of overhead lights
  • Entangling of pendant arms

There’s clearly a problem here.

Given all of the issues with overhead lighting, it’s no surprise that surgical headlights have quickly become one of the leading categories of medical lighting in North America.

Headlights offer comfortable, consistent light that doesn’t need constant adjustment.

They illuminate incisions directly, and because they’re attached to the surgeon performing the operation, headlights significantly reduce the likelihood of staff members casting shadows.

Moreover, headlights are excellent for illuminating small surgical fields at close distances -- making them must-haves for many specialized surgical procedures.

In short, surgical headlights address many of the issues surgeons and hospital staff face with traditional overhead lighting.

Enter Surgical Headlights

But not all headlights are made the same.

Complicated maintenance can increase the cost of a single unit manyfold

Insufficient battery life may cause even more disruptive interruptions

Uneven spot illumination may cause eye strain for surgeons

Difficulty cleaning small components may create hygiene risks

BFW headlights are engineered to decrease eye strain, improve visibility, and increase surgeon productivity

Get Consistent Illumination and Brightness Across the Entire Field of View

Our Aton Fiber Optic Headlight combined with the Hatteras Light sources features a fully adjustable iris from 0.5” to 4.00” and 160,000 LUX @ 16” working distance.

This allows the user to obtain the necessary illumination levels, reduce shadows, and obtain a well-lit wound, no matter how deep. With BFW lights, your surgical teams will thank you for the reduced eye strain during long procedures.

When relying on overhead lights, a luminaire action is required nearly every 7.5 minutes. Of those actions, the majority interrupt the operation.

BFW headlights use lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 25 hours of operation (depending on model and intensity level), ensuring minimal interruptions while maintaining visibility.

Reduce Interruptions During Long Procedures

BFW Headlights are uniquely constructed, allowing for easy cleaning -- inside and out. Featuring removable and replaceable parts, they are also easy (and inexpensive) to maintain, saving your facility money on replacement cost.

Minimize Maintenance Costs and Hygiene Issues

With the Pharos HD headlight, gone are the days of poorly recorded video during a procedure. With a 1080p/60 FPS HD camera native to the headlight, you’ll be able to record precise, high-resolution video with a well-lit subject.

This will help you create high-quality training videos for your residents while eliminating the difficulties of using a traditional camera system in the OR.

Record Your Procedures With an HD, 1080p Headlight Camera System

With increased scrutiny on healthcare facilities and rising costs, you need equipment that not only reduces everyday challenges, but eliminates them.


Very bright and ergonomic, you don’t realize you have a headlight on. It also looks great! I noticed the higher intensity immediately. I used it in a pediatric case as well and modified the spot. I think I will never change to another brand. Best on the market!

Prof. Oscar Prior, of Social Security Hospital

IMSS in Tijuana Mexico

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