A ‘Comfortable’ High-Intensity LED Portable Is Here!

Finally, a High-Intensity Portable LED That Feels Great on Your Head!

Our new Daymark™ high-intensity LED portable headlight system eliminates the weight and bulk seen in portable LED headlights of this class. With 5 levels of crisp, clean, daylight illumination up to 60,000 LUX lasting 5 hours from a single battery charge, its surgical quality optic is fully adjustable, providing a crisp 1-to-4-inch spot. Both LUX measurements and spot size measurements are true to a 16″ (40cm) working distance. Designed to perform under and withstand rigorous use, a retrofit kit transforms our AtoN™ fiber optic headlight into this outstanding portable system. Now you can be untethered to a light source, get fantastic illumination from a portable headlight that feels great to wear on your head!

Contact BFW or a distributor in your area to trial or order.

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