Headlights for Cardiac Surgeons

Eliminate dark spots and reduce headaches caused by uneven illumination

Simply the Best LED Headlights for Cardiac Surgeons - Excellent for Deep Cavity Illumination

Cutting-edge surgical headlights designed to help you operate at your best, every time.
Long surgical procedures can make adding extra weight to your head, not just a nuisance, but also a hazard. That’s why we make our headlights highly adjustable, ergonomic, and lightweight.
It’s not about how bright the headlight is – it’s about clear, even distribution. Over time this even distribution of light will reduce headaches, fatigue, and surgeon burnout.
Small, deep-cavity surgical incisions require precision lighting at its best – that’s why we’ve designed our headlights to coaxially align with your line of sight.
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Everything you need to know about our headlights for cardiothoracic surgeons

Find the perfect headlight for your practice – from long-lasting portable to high-intensity fiber optic units and headlight/camera systems.

Explore our most popular headlight options for cardiac surgeons

Find out why there are over 25,000 BFW headlight solutions in use worldwide.

Benefits of BFW's Headlights for Cardiac Surgeons

Headlights for Cardiothoracic Surgeons​

Help You Operate At Your Best

Our headlights for cardiothoracic and cardiovascular surgeons offer some of the brightest outputs, without sacrificing the quality of illumination or comfort.

BFW’s surgical headlight solutions ensure uniform lighting and alignment with your line of sight, helping you concentrate and focus during procedures.

Battery Life That Keeps Up With You

For procedures that last hours, you need LED surgical headlights that can hold their charge at full intensity. Anything less can lead to costly interruptions in the OR.

BFW provides a range of portable headlights for the cardiac surgeon with long battery life or tethered options to go the distance.

the Best LED Cardiac Headlights for Deep-Cavity Lighting

Over 50 Years of Cutting-Edge Surgical Lighting

BFW has become synonymous with innovative surgical headlights and camera systems that enhance your surgical practice.

BFW headlights in use worldwide

Surgical headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A

Up to 220,000 LUX at 16”

Some of the brightest LED headlamps

50 Years
Of providing innovative surgical headlight solutions

Clarity for Cardiac Surgical Procedures

Our industry-leading headlights fulfill the needs for all types of cardiac procedures.
cardiac surgeons

Lower Cost of Ownership

Reduce the cost and effort of headlamp repair, cleaning, and maintenance.
Our line of LED cardiovascular and cardiothoracic headlights is built with durable, easy-to-clean materials. That means less downtime.

See Farther, See Clearer with BFW Headlights for Cardiothoracic Surgeons

BFW’s family of surgical headlight solutions is designed to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of surgical practice.

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