5 (Completely Avoidable) Issues in Operating Theatres (2019)

No matter the hospital or practice, operating room issues are bound to arise. In some cases, those issues can become huge detriments to the safety of both patients and surgical teams. They might even result in higher costs due to inefficient …

How Better Processes and Equipment Improve Hospital Efficiency

Operating room inventory and equipment account for nearly 60% of total hospital costs alone. However, cost is just one factor worth considering when you’re looking to improve hospital efficiency.  COVID-19 puts additional strain on hospital resources, due to the increased focus on sterilization and overcapacity of ICUs – improving hospital efficiency is a critical focus in response to these […]

The Technological Future of Surgery in Operating Rooms

new surgical technology

How Surgery Technology Will Shape the Future From surgical robots to virtual reality, the future of surgery technology is bright. Surgery requires extremely delicate movements, and even the slightest miscalculation could be dangerous or even deadly to patients. However, advancements in surgical technology can help minimize that risk. As an example, surgeons can make accurate […]

Surgery Advancements in the Medical Field

Surgery Advancements in the Medical Field

6 Biggest Changes in Surgical Advancements Technology and medicine go hand in hand, now more than ever. Modern surgery advancements have allowed surgeons to be more accurate during procedures, and reduce risks and recovery time for patients. In recent years, the shift towards more technology-based approaches to surgery have been notable. According to a recent […]

Top 7 Patient Safety Issues in Healthcare

A new study conducted by Frost and Sullivan revealed that issues from patient safety across the US and Europe will cost a whopping $383.7 billion over the next 4 years alone. Understanding and identifying these adverse events is the first step in mitigating them – and let’s be honest, a clinic or hospital that can […]

What is Nurse Burnout and How to Avoid It

Nurse Burnout

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, many of us have gained a newfound appreciation for those working in our healthcare system, especially nurses. These brave men and women put themselves in harm’s way in order to care for total strangers. Not only risking their own health, but the health of their families when […]

Factors that Effect Risk Management in Healthcare

risk management tools in healthcare

Proper risk management in healthcare is essential to both patients and healthcare organizations, as it helps minimize both risks to health and protects the hospital from financial losses. Through the application of clinical and administrative risk management processes, hospital and care facilities can better detect, monitor, assess, and mitigate risk – ultimately reducing potential damages […]

Considerations when Buying Surgical Lighting

The Ultimate Guide to Surgical Lighting

Statistics on surgery malpractice are staggering. For example, a surgeon in the U.S leaves foreign objects, including sponges and towels inside their patients an average of 39 times every week, according to a John Hopkins study. Proper illumination is a critical requirement for surgical efficiency and improved patient outcomes. Operating rooms need high-quality surgical lighting […]

How to Manage an Operating Room Like a Pro

Operating rooms generate about 70% of a hospital’s revenue, but consume the most resources too. Operating rooms rank higher than all other departments when it comes to wastage and excess costs. Therefore, the objective for operating room leadership and management is to look for cost-saving opportunities. This objective becomes more complex when you tie in […]

Top 5 Current Problems Being Faced in Surgery

Despite all the technological marvels that the healthcare industry has benefitted from in recent years, the fact is that hospitals face a challenging environment. From compliance with ever-changing government regulations to coping with value-based reimbursements, the list of problems grows everyday. Healthcare c-suite executives must figure out ways of rising above these challenges to achieve […]