Factors that Effect Risk Management in Healthcare

risk management tools in healthcare

Proper risk management in healthcare is essential to both patients and healthcare organizations, as it helps minimize both risks to health and protects the hospital from financial losses. Through the application of clinical and administrative risk management processes, hospital and care facilities can better detect, monitor, assess, and mitigate risk – ultimately reducing potential damages […]

Considerations when Buying Surgical Lighting

Statistics on surgery malpractice are staggering. For example, a surgeon in the U.S leaves foreign objects, including sponges and towels inside their patients an average of 39 times every week, according to a John Hopkins study. Proper illumination is a critical requirement for surgical efficiency and improved patient outcomes. Operating rooms need high-quality surgical lighting […]

How to Manage an Operating Room Like a Pro

Operating rooms generate about 70% of a hospital’s revenue, but consume the most resources too. Operating rooms rank higher than all other departments when it comes to wastage and excess costs. Therefore, the objective for operating room leadership and management is to look for cost-saving opportunities. This objective becomes more complex when you tie in […]

Top 5 Current Problems Being Faced in Surgery

Despite all the technological marvels that the healthcare industry has benefitted from in recent years, the fact is that hospitals face a challenging environment. From compliance with ever-changing government regulations to coping with value-based reimbursements, the list of problems grows everyday. Healthcare c-suite executives must figure out ways of rising above these challenges to achieve […]

How Nurse Staffing Affects Patient Outcomes

The nurse staffing ratio is a controversial issue in the health sector, as hospitals reduce nurse levels to slash costs and boost profit margins. However, nurses are now fighting back, saying that sharply increased work levels affects the quality of caregiving. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between nurse-patient ratios and patient outcomes. […]

The 5 Biggest Trends in Operating Rooms (2020)

Technology has reshaped our lives in several ways, with the healthcare industry no stranger to disruption. For example, minimally invasive or non-invasive surgeries would not have been possible without the extensive use of technology and new tools. Let’s discover more about the latest trends in operating room. New operating room trends 1. Hybrid Operating Rooms […]

Hospital Lighting Guide & Standards

Hospital Lighting Guide & Standards

In hospital settings, there are many visual tasks with unique lighting demands. Therefore the lighting should be designed to achieve high efficiency, hygiene, safety, and well-being of medical staff and patients. Hospital staff works under high-stress conditions. Proper lighting is required for them to perform meticulous tasks that might mean life or death for patients. […]

4 Massive Healthcare Management Problems (and Solutions)

modern healthcare management problems

Photo: Pexels According to the 2019 Global Healthcare Outlook Report by Deloitte, healthcare expenditures around the world are expected to balloon from the current US$7.7 trillion to US$10 trillion by 2022, increasing at an average annual rate of 5.4 percent. What does this mean? Well, for one, it’s that the global population is rapidly ageing […]

An Overview of Hybrid Operating Rooms

overview of hybrid operating rooms

Photo: Wikimedia The concept of hybrid operating rooms first emerged about twenty years ago as a result of advances in medical technology and a surge in the popularity of laparoscopic procedures. The core problem hybrid operating rooms solve is the ability to undertake several complicated surgical procedures without having to move a patient from room […]

4 Key Hospital Department Staffing Benchmarks

Hospital department staffing benchmarks are goals and targets that your hospital management team must achieve when making staffing decisions. Due to location, size, and specialization, varying benchmarks exist for hospitals. Staffing benchmarks also differ depending on the specific departments within each hospital, e.g., Maternity, ICU, Pathology, etc. With that in mind, here are 4 recommended […]