Pharos HD™ Surgical Headlight Camera System

Clear Illumination. Crisp HD Video.

BFW’s surgical headlight / camera system lets you record and train from the surgeon’s point of view.

Simply the Best Headlight Camera for Capturing the Surgical Procedure.

See every procedure from a view that’s second only to the surgeons with the Pharos HD™ Surgical Headlight Camera.
Capture the best footage for teaching, remote learning, and review with a headlight camera system that minimizes shake and blur.
Get the convenience of a headlamp and camera for surgery aligned perfectly with your line of sight to capture true POV images.
See clearly into the deepest cavities with a surgical headlight and High Bright Hatteras high intensity LED light source that eliminates shadows, dark spots, and distractions.
Stay comfortable for longer with a lightweight headlight camera system designed from the ground up for surgeons.
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See What Surgeons Say About Our HD Camera and Headlight System.

Find out why surgeons prefer the Pharos HD™ surgical camera system

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Pharos HD™ Surgical Headlight Camera System

Get The Best Seat in the House

You’ll capture exceptional video (when used with optional recording device) from the surgeon’s line of sight. Pharos HD™ is the only coaxial surgical headlight camera on the market that captures the procedure from the surgeon’s POV in Full HD 1080/60p.

Take the hassle out of recording surgeries for training, auditing, and review. Stream procedures for remote operations and project a live feed of exactly what the surgeon is seeing with Pharos HD™.

Use a System Designed for this Purpose

Say no to makeshift cameras that are not designed for medical use and can be unsafe for use in the sterile field.

Create an indisputable record of your surgery with a surgical camera that has been designed to meet stringent requirements.

Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A, Pharos HD™ has been tested and certified to meet strict medical standards.

Surgery In Progress

Why Surgeons Trust BFW

For over 50 years, BFW has produced cutting-edge surgical headlights and camera systems that meet the real-life challenges of your practice.

BFW headlights in use worldwide.


Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

50 Years

Providing advanced surgical headlight solutions.

Up to 16x

Digital zoom magnification with Pharos HD™.

See Detail You Couldn’t Before

Record all the critical details with a headlight/camera system that captures the perfect image every time. Pharos HD™ has been designed to minimize blur and shaking, offering far clearer footage compared to non-stabilized cameras.
Find out why surgeons prefer the Pharos HD™ surgical camera system
Record in Full HD Video with Pharos HD™

Get the Right Frame Every Time

Eliminate the hassle of re-adjusting the camera during surgery, with a surgical headlight camera that is always aligned with the surgeon’s line of sight.

With its integrated headlight/camera, Pharos HD™ offers the perfect vantage point to view the procedure.

Better at Lighting the Way

Minimize fatigue with crisp, clear lighting that eliminates dark spots and uneven illumination. Get the same high-quality lighting you expect from all BFW surgical headlight products.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Pharos HD™ integrates the surgical headlight seamlessly into the design. That means even illumination and no distracting shadows.

Surgery In Progress

Maximize Comfort in the OR

Mitigate neck pain with a lightweight headlamp and camera for surgery. Unlike makeshift cameras, Pharos HD™ is lightweight and balanced, designed specifically for the Surgeon.

Our ergonomic design ensures you can wear the headlight for hours without discomfort. Feel the difference that perfect weight distribution makes.

Reduce Your Cost of Ownership

Do away with the cost and hassle of having to install new viewing and video recording equipment in the OR.

Pharos HD™ uses standard video connections for compatibility with existing monitors and recorders.

Pharos 3qtr Leftside

Make Your Pharos HD™ Your Own

Personalize your surgical headlight camera for your facility. We offer a wide range of accessories for the Pharos HD™.

Choose a System That’s Designed For Medical Use

Create an indisputable record of surgeries with a headlight camera system that is specifically designed for surgical procedures and requirements.

Capture in Full HD Video with Pharos HD™

Find out why top-ranked hospitals trust BFW headlight camera systems and surgical lighting products and solutions in their ORs.
Get perfect point of view surgical footage ideal for training and review, with a coaxial camera that captures Full HD 1080/60p footage.
With the camera aligned in the center of the headlight optic, the camera sees what the surgeon sees, every time!
Meet stringent quality standards with BFW’s headlamps and cameras for surgery. Our systems are tested and certified to meet strict medical standards.
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