Introducing AtoN™ An Innovation in Fiber Optic Headlights

Designed and built to live up to its name – AtoN™ is a superior aid to surgical navigation by delivering cleaner, crisper illumination from an ergonomically advanced, lightweight, low profile high-intensity fiber optic headlight.  As AtoN™ impeccably compliments our new Hatteras™ LED and ChromaPRO™ light sources, it replaces the XtremeBEAM™ fiber optic headlight.

AtoN™ comes standard with our 10-foot Cobra Cable™ offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum coil positioned at the lower half of the cable where it is most likely to sustain damage from heavy use. AtoN™ is also available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables. These cables are interchangeable with the XtremeBEAM™AtoN™ is available with our Fiji™ or Key West™  “Bikini” headbands.

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