Slip Into A Key West™ “Bikini”

Introducing a headband that fits like . . . well . . . a Bikini – that’s why we nicknamed our brand new Key West™ headband just that.

Now available to fit all BFW™ headlights, including our CoAX™ High Definition Headlight Camera, this innovation in headband design offers remarkable support while ensuring ultimate comfort.

BFW 1001: Key West (Bikini)
BFW 1001P: Replacement Key West Cushions (2 Sets)
BFW 1552: XB Key West w/CC
BFW 1557: XB Key West w/10′ FOC
BFW 1562: XB Key West w/7′ FOC
BFW 1567: XB Key West w/out FOC
BFW 9002: Ambrose Key West
BFW 9002B: Ambrose Key West w/ 2 batteries
BFW 9034: Dover Key West
BFW 9034B: Dover Key West w/2 Batteries
BFW 9044: Bristol Key West
BFW 9044B: Bristol Key West w/2 Batteries
BFW 9052: Montauk Key West


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