Some “Clarity” on LED Lamp Life

Many competitors are promoting new LED light sources with marketing claims that they offer a 30,000-hour lamp life. Data on LED diodes commonly used in a surgical light source – as in our Hatteras™ LED – holds that these LED diodes are at “peak performance” for the first 10,000 hours of use, then begin to decay, but will last to 30,000 hours.

With this in mind, BFW™ promotes its LED diode to go “well beyond 10,000 hours,” as it is our opinion this “Peak Performance Period” will meet the expectations of medical professionals for both headlight and endoscopic use – as Hatteras™ LED is approved for use with headlights and endoscopes (IEC 60601-2-18) – So, after 10,000 hours or the LED’s “Peak Performance Period,”  it may be time to replace the diode, but replacement is at the choice of the end user.

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