Medical LED Portable Headlights – What to Look For!

LED lights run the gamut of color temperatures ranging from 1,900K to 10,000K. But which is most appropriate for use as a medical visual aid that best assists the end-user in identifying tissue and seeing contours in conjunction with appropriate intensity?

Our research shows that most end-users prefer an LED headlight offering consistent illumination in the 7,000K – 7,500K (Cool White) range and this this is the color temperature all BFW™ LED portable headlights provide.

Light Quality vs. Intensity

The quality (clarity, crispness and color) of the spot – created through a combination of optic engineering, lens quality and meticulous LED chip selection, far exceed that of a very intense light with poor color, clarity and inadequate definition – BFW™ LED Portables are a combination of quality design and manufacturing that beats a very bright but cheaply constructed optic. It is also important to remember that our LUX measurements are taken at 16” from the eye to the field. Many competitive LED portable sellers are boasting inflated LUX numbers taken directly in front of the optic.

Quality = The Sum of its Parts

While some LED Portables may provide good light, manufacturers often neglect incorporating components robust enough to withstand the rigor of medical use – Leading a customer towards what looks like a “great headlight at a great price.” But as we all know – anything at a “great price” is not worth much if it doesn’t work. All BFW™ portable LED headlight systems are built with components designed for the daily rigor of medical use and approved to be used as a medical device. Many competitive LED portables simply are not!