Headlights for Neurosurgeons

Achieve laser-like focus with our lightweight headlights.

Improve your OR With Headlights for Neurosurgeons

Take the strain out of long surgeries with BFW™ headlights that are designed from the ground up for illumination and comfort.
Our headlights are so lightweight and ergonomic you’ll forget you’re wearing one.
See into the smallest incisions with a clear spot that’s free of shadows.
Get the convenience of a headlight that is focused exactly where you need it to be – no adjustments required in the middle of surgery.
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Lighter. Brighter. Better.

BFW’s headlights combine the brightest LEDs with an innovative design for the ultimate surgical lighting experience.

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Discover superior quality, value, and reliability. Over 25,000+ BFW headlight solutions in use worldwide.

Advantages of BFW's Headlights for Neurosurgeons

Headlights for Neurosurgeons

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Capability

Brain and spinal surgeries can easily stretch past the 7- hour mark. Stay focused with a headlight that’s powerful and lightweight.

Our headlights minimize fatigue even during long surgeries

See Clearer With Quality Lighting

Unlike other surgical headlights, BFW’s headlights for neurosurgeons don’t compromise on uniform illumination and color reproduction.

BFW offers comfort and intensity, whether you prefer tethered or portable headlights.

Improve your OR With Headlights for Neurosurgeons

Lighting the Way Since 1971

BFW is the go-to provider of cutting-edge surgical headlights and headlight camera systems that help you perform at your peak.

BFW headlights and cameras in use worldwide
Surgical headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A
Up to 240,000 LUX at 16”
Some of the brightest portable and tethered LED headlights
50 Years
Of providing innovative surgical headlight systems

Designed for the Long Hours of Neurosurgical Procedures

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Perfect Medical LED Surgical Headlight For Your Practice

Operate Without Battery Anxiety

Brain and spinal procedures can test the endurance of your equipment. Our headlights are designed to operate with peak brightness reliably.

Eliminate interruptions with our long-lasting portable headlight or tethered options.

See Farther, See Clearer with BFW Headlights for Neurosurgeons

BFW’s family of surgical headlight solutions is designed to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of surgical practice.

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