Portable Medical LED Headlights

Battery Operated Medical Headlights Designed to Let You Reach Every Patient

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A Complete Suite of LED Surgical Headlight Solutions

We understand that each operation is unique. That’s why we built a complete family of LED medical headlights and light sources - from long-lasting portables to high-powered fiber-optic devices - to respond to any operating environment.


Meet The BFW LED Surgical Headlight Family

Portable LED Surgical Headlights |  Dover | Bristol | Daymark

Fiber-Optic LED Headlight Medical Devices | AtoN | PharosHD | Hatteras


BFW’s surgical headlight devices has a long life-span.

All of our headlights, light sources and video systems are tested and certified to stringent AAMI/ANSI, IEC and CSA standards. Experience Why BFW’s LED Surgical Headlights are Trusted by Over 20,000 Physicians Across the USA.

A Complete Ecosystem of Battery Operated Portable Medical Headlights

Through high-performing and lightweight ergonomic designs, BFW™ delivers a complete ecosystem of portable medical headlights and accessories to physicians seeking versatility and comfort in any medical scenario.

Our Battery Operated Headlights Are Built to Last

BFW’s™ cordless surgical headlight devices are designed, built, tested and certified to stringent AAMI/ANSI, IEC and CSA standards.

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