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Award-Winning Video Using BFW Headlight


“We have been extremely impressed with how the PharosHD camera system can help visualize even the smallest neonatal structures deep within the chest. Not only is the video quality is unparalleled, it also lends itself to simple video production.”

Alan O’Donnell, PA-C
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Whisper Quiet Fan

Uniform Lighting

Engineered in the USA


A Complete Suite of LED Surgical Headlight Solutions

We understand that each operation is unique. That’s why we built a complete family of LED medical headlights and light sources - from long-lasting portables to high-powered fiber-optic devices - to respond to any operating environment.


Meet The BFW LED Surgical Headlight Family

Portable LED Surgical Headlights |  Dover | Bristol | Daymark

Fiber-Optic LED Headlight Medical Devices | AtoN | PharosHD | Hatteras


BFW’s surgical headlight devices has a long life-span.

All of our headlights, light sources and video systems are tested and certified to stringent AAMI/ANSI, IEC and CSA standards. Experience Why BFW’s LED Surgical Headlights are Trusted by Over 20,000 Physicians Across the USA.

A Complete Ecosystem of Battery Operated Portable Medical Headlights

Through high-performing and lightweight ergonomic designs, BFW™ delivers a complete ecosystem of portable medical headlights and accessories to physicians seeking versatility and comfort in any medical scenario.

Our Battery Operated Headlights Are Built to Last

BFW’s™ cordless surgical headlight devices are designed, built, tested and certified to stringent AAMI/ANSI, IEC and CSA standards.

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