High-Intensity Fiber Optic Headlight

BFW™’s new headlight with outstanding performance, fit and comfort.

AtoN™ is the latest in fiber optic headlight technology, offering a clean, crisp spot from its advanced low profile design. AtoN™ fits all BFW™ light sources and will fit any fiber optic light source with an ACMI port.

Its two-piece construction, allows AtoN™ to be cleaned both inside and out. It comes standard with our 10-foot Cobra Cable™ offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum coil positioned at the lower half of the cable where it is most likely to sustain damage from heavy use and is available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables.

AtoN ™ is available with our Classic Fiji ™ or Key West ™ “Bikini“ headbands. We offer interchangeable parts with the AtoN ™ and portable Daymark ™.

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    Award-Winning Video Using BFW Headlight


    “We have been extremely impressed with how the PharosHD camera system can help visualize even the smallest neonatal structures deep within the chest. Not only is the video quality is unparalleled, it also lends itself to simple video production.” Alan O’Donnell, PA-C Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    Product Infographic

    AtoN™ Specifications

    • Fully Adjustable Iris Offers Crisp Spot Size from 0.5” to 4.25” measured @ 16” of working distance
    • Low Profile, Lightweight Optic 1.5 oz. (43.4g)
    • Robust For Toughest Conditions
    • Uniquely sealed two-piece construction allows cleaning both inside and out
    • BFW™/ACMI cable enables use with other light source brands
    • Designed and Built in USA
    • Custom Fiber Optic Cable with more than 9,000 strands delivers high light transmission and affords usability with up to 30% damage

    Product Codes

    • BFW™ 1200: AtoN™ Classic Fiji™ w/10’ Cobra Cable ™
    • BFW™ 1252: AtoN™ Key West™ w/10’ Cobra Cable™
    • BFW™ 1255: AtoN™ Classic Fiji™ w/10’ FOC
    • BFW™ 1257: AtoN™ Key West™ w/10’ FOC
    • BFW™ 1260: AtoN™ Classic Fiji™ w/7’ FOC
    • BFW™ 1262: AtoN™ Key West™ w/7’ FOC
    • BFW™ 1248: AtoN™ Optic Only


    Operation Manual