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LED Surgical Headlight System with Adjustable Spot

High-quality illumination in a lightweight, portable headlight that’s ideal for a variety of procedures.

Eliminate shadows and eye strain with an adjustable spot and peak brightness of up to 132,000 LUX at 10” (25 cm). 

Forget about battery anxiety with a headlight that can operate for up to 10 hours – at the brightest setting.

Minimize fatigue with ergonomic design and a lightweight headlight. Can be easily mounted on glasses and face shields.

Get Surgical-Grade Lighting Anywhere
The Choice Is Crystal Clear

Who said you have to compromise on power to be portable – definitely not us.

Take advantage of perfect coaxial alignment and uniform lighting for unparalleled comfort in the operating room or the clinic.

See What Surgeons Say About Us.

Powerful, Portable, Perfect Headlight Solution

Get the clearest view in every procedure with Bristol-Plus. See for yourself.

Pharos HD™

Headlight/Video Camera System 

Coaxial alignment of camera to light perfectly captures Surgeon’s POV


LED portable headlight system (Surgical)

High-intensity, consistent brightness, adjustable spot,  long battery life


LED portable headlight (Exam/Surgical)

Lightweight, bright, and comfortable with minimum 10-hours of battery life


Safe, convenient, versatile storage and charging capabilities

Industry-Leading Surgical Lighting Solutions

BFW is the go-to provider of cutting-edge surgical headlights and headlight camera systems that help you perform at your peak.


Surgical headlights in use worldwide

Up to 10 Hours

Best-in-class battery life from our portable headlights

50 Years

Providing state-of-the-art surgical headlight systems


Headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Not Just an Everyday Headlamp, a BFW Surgical Headlight

Upgrade your experience with cutting-edge portable headlights and personal customer service.

Bristol Plus
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