Lightweight Exam/Medical Headlight with Static Spot Size

The perfect blend of comfort and power.

Unique to an LED portable of this size, Dover™ is built with robust features that will hold up to daily rigorous use. Its 5 levels of clear, bright-white illumination ranges from 8,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm) at 28 hours of operation to 30,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm) at 10 hours of operation from a single charge – unprecedented performance for an LED optic of this class. Our new 2‐button On/Off and intensity controller is integrated into the battery holster, resulting in an ergonomically compact LED system with significantly reduced battery size and weight.

* 3-inch fixed spot and LUX at 16″ (40cm) Measured @16 inches (40cm).

Available with our Classic Fiji™ or our all new Key West™ ”Bikini” headbands or a clip on model for ocular loupes.