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High-Intensity LED Light Source

See better. Operate better – with a light source that puts your OR needs first.

Hatteras with AtoN headlight is the first LED tethered headlight System that challenges Xenon illumination.  No IR, No Lamp changes for over 30,000 hours.

Save on the expense of frequent bulb changes with state-of-the-art LED technology that offers 30,000+ hour lifespan.

Enjoy broad compatibility with support for BFW™/ACMI, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf fiber optic cables.

Upgrade Your Surgical Lighting

Efficient Workhorse in the Operating Room

Discover quiet, clear, efficient illumination in a light source that offers years of dependable service and requires little maintenance.

Combine with BFW’s cutting-edge surgical headlights for crisp, perfectly coaxial lighting.

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See Why Hatteras Is Light Years Ahead

End the frustration of nonuniform lighting, slow warm-up times, lamp changes, and distracting fans. Try Hatteras in your OR.

Explore our most popular medical headlights

BFW has been at the forefront of innovative surgical headlights and camera systems for over 50 years.


High-intensity LED fiber optic headlight

Lightweight, homogeneous, even illumination with an adjustable spot.

Pharos HD

Pharos HD™

Headlight/Video Camera System 

Coaxial alignment of camera to light perfectly captures Surgeon’s POV



LED portable headlight system (Surgical)

High-intensity, consistent brightness, adjustable spot,  long battery life



LED portable headlight (Exam/Surgical)

Lightweight, bright, and comfortable with minimum 10-hours of battery life

Leading the Way in Surgical Lighting

Find out why BFW is one of the most trusted names for surgical headlight systems worldwide.
50 Years

Providing innovative surgical headlight solutions

Up to 547,000 LUX

At 10” (25 cm) from the brightest LEDs on the market


Surgical headlights in use around the world


Headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Powerful, Dependable Light Source

Get industry-leading surgical illumination from a light source that’s designed to meet your real-world needs.

Upgrade Your Surgical Lighting
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