Headlights for
Spinal Surgeons

The highly sensitve nature of the spine means you have to easily differentiate between arteries, veins, and nerves


Whisper Quiet Fan

Uniform Lighting

Engineered in the USA

Adjustable Spot 1″– 4″ (2.5 cm–10.2 cm) @ 16″ (40 cm)
Replaceable Hygienic Pads
Illumination from 60,000 LUX at 16” (40 cm) to 185,000 LUX at 10” (25 cm)
Daymark ™

The Ultimate Lightweight Experience

Ultimate lightweight design with occipital support for better surgeon comfort during long surgeries.

Tested and Certified to: IEC 60601–1, IEC 60601–1–2, AAMI/ANSI ES60601–1, CSA C22.2 NO 60601–1:08, CE

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