Hatteras™ – A New Beginning in Surgical LED Light Sources

Our latest light source is a landmark in fiber optic LED illumination. Its robust design and innovative features will weather any storm the operating room can stir up during the most difficult cases. Tested and cleared for use with headlights and endoscopes, Hatteras™ is your choice when failure is not an option.

Hatteras™ offers 10 adjustable brightness levels. At maximum it provides and maintains 160,000 LUX at 16” (40 cm) at 5,500˚K when paired with our XtremeBEAM™ headlight for a minimum of 10,000 hours. The LED module is replaceable on site. Modern and streamlined in design, its outer enclosure is made of high‐grade aluminum for robust use. Other features include a unique automatic shut off when a fiber optic cable is detached from the custom milled, four-port stainless steel turret that accepts BFW/ACMI, Olympus, Storz and Wolf fiber optic cables. Re-insert the cable into the port and with the light touch of a push pad button, illumination resumes where you left off.

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